Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Passion Of Ruby Rings For Men

In my time I have seen a lot of different fads come and go, but one that has been here for a long time and is not going anywhere is the fact that men like the color red. This is a very bold color that has a lot to say. It's the color of blood, passion, heat, and sexuality. That is one reason why people like ruby rings for men. By wearing the men's ruby rings, you can see a change in the leave of confidence in a man. All it takes is one color that is so passionate that you can not deny, and you will see a new man. If you are ready to make your "boy" a man then it's time to get him a ruby ring. He will like it as much as you will.

Antique Men's Ruby Ring

There are a lot of passionate colors out there, but nothing says passion quite like the color red. This is the color of love, yet it's the color of power. This is one of the only colors that has so many meanings that it will make your head spin.

Antique Silver Men's Ruby Ring

After seeing what kind of effect this color has on people, it's easy to see why men all over the place are falling in love with it. When they have on a men's ruby ring they feel like a new man. They feel like they can do anything and have anyone. This is a great gift to get a guy that has everything else. Give him the gift of passion. Let people see that your man has class, as well as power, with a men's ruby ring.

Antique Style Men's Ruby Ring

The only problem with the men's ruby ring is the fact that everyone is out to get them right now. Whenever you go to the store to get one of these great rings you are going to notice, right a way, one of two things.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lizard Jewelry - Rings, Earrings, Brooches, Necklaces

Since a long time one of the favorite adornment forms has been jewelry in lizard designs. The Etruscans and the Greeks were also fascinated with this kind of jewelry made from a variety of precious metals. This kind of antique jewelry has given inspiration to many of the jewelry designers in the modern times which is well displayed in many of the modern jewelry line-ups you get to see today. Similar antique designs are being copied in the effort of providing customers unique antique jewelry designed in lizard form.

Black Diamond Lizard Necklace

The Victorians and the Romans too were very fond of this jewelry which is proved from the fact that it was freely flaunted during that time. Many of the antique designs that you see today are classics and will always be worn in style for years to come.

Antique Style Silver Lizard Pendant

The era that has passed by is still remembered by delicate designs used in the making of jewelry in the lizard designs. Since the 1900, this jewelry is being designed which makes it an antique jewelry piece.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Saint Jude Medals

Saint Jude medals are one of a group of saints offered as a religious symbol for wearing, to those in the Christian faith or even those who are not. Catholics especially seem to favor this icon as a symbol of their faith, yet wearing a Saint Jude medal (see more anyreligiousjewelry.com) is not limited to those of religious faith. A Saint Jude medal can be found around the necks of anyone wishing his assistance. Sometimes those in the medical profession wear a Saint Jude medal as a symbol.

Saint Jude Medal
Many people may be confused by why one would pray to a particular saint or wish to wear this emblem. A saint medallion or emblem is often personally appealing to the wearer because of the story of the Saint themselves, which is often easily identified with by the wearer. The story of Saint Jude is that he was one of the Apostles. Also called Saint Jude Thaddeus, he is known commonly as the Saint of Last Resort, the one to pray to when there’s slim chances, all other things have failed, and needs are heightened. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Macy’s Store Fine Jewelry Department

Macy’s was founded in New York City in 1858. It is a department store that sells everything from footwear to housewares. Fine jewelry has nearly always been a part of the store. Their selection includes some designer jewelry and watches. The most popular of designer jewelry is carried at their counters. They sell diamonds, pearls, and precious gemstones. While there is not much unique jewelry sold at Macy’s department, it can be a good way to buy fine jewelry at a good price. Macy’s fine jewelry is fairly accessible for every customer shopping for affordable fine jewelry.

Macy’s Jewelry Store

Diamonds at Macy’s are in fairly basic designs. Their engagement ring selection comes in solitaires, three-stone rings, and a few bridal combination engagement and wedding band styles. These are all basic designs; no designer engagement rings are included. Diamond necklaces at Macy’s fine jewelry are also standard. Some of the most popular and simple designer necklaces may be included in their selection. The same goes for bracelets.

Macy’s Store Diamond Jewelry Department

Though the most basic styles are all that is available, the quality is high and the diamonds are good. Anyone would appreciate the beautiful jewelry found at Macy’s.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adjustable Toe Rings - Why You May Need Some

Have you ever thought about adding toe rings to your jewelry collection? Everyone seems to focus on the big jewelry like necklaces and earrings, but no one casts an eye at the lovely adornments available for the feet.

Sterling Silver Adjustable Toe Ring

You’d be surprised how sexy a simple toe ring can make you look and feel, to the point where this should be a necessity in every woman’s jewelry box. Here we will look at just what you may be missing out on by not having a toe ring in your collection, and what you can do to change that.

Steel Adjustable Toe Rings

Toe rings as a whole can add flair to an area of the body that seemingly goes unnoticed. Why spend tons of money on designer heels and sandals if you’re not going to spice them up with a little bit of jewels? Your feet deserve just as much sparkle and beauty as your hands do, and maybe more since they do all the hard work during the day.
Adjustable Toe Rings
You can look into adjustable toe rings so you can move them around from toe to toe based on the look you are going for. If you get the right ones, they can instantly transform your footwear collection more than anything else possibly could.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Italian Jewelry Designers

Those who can afford the creations fashioned by Italian jewelry designers are generally familiar with the names of those same designers. They recognize the fine work of those designers. They spend their money in shops that would never carry any sort of fake jewelry. They can feel confident that each jewel they wear reflects the actual input of the Italian jewelry designers. Not everyone is so lucky. That fact thus explains the proliferation of pirated jewelry. Modern-day pirates do not devote time to digging up a buried treasure. Present-day pirates simply pay others for a clever copy of a well-crafted and valuable fashion accessory.

Steel IP Plated Cross Necklace

In early 2003, two Italian Jewelry designers, Stefan Hafner and Rand Rahm, created a special jeweled dress. Put on display just before the 75th Annual Academy Awards, that dress was worth millions of dollars. The dress obtained its amazing sparkle from the many diamonds covering the dress fabric.

Stainless Steel Necklace

Those same two Italian jewelry designers joined forces with more than ten other Italian jewelry designers. That group of skilled and fashion-conscious Italians decided to hold an auction. They indicated that the proceeds from the auction would go to a children’s charity.

The diamond-covered dress was supposed to be one of the items auctioned-off at that charity event. The jewelry designers hoped that they could catch a large number of potential bidders by scheduling the auction for the six days prior to the actual Oscar ceremony. The designers anticipated receiving bids from celebrities who would be going to that very ceremony.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Lab Created Sapphire Rings, Better Or Worse

One question that has been asked for a long time now is what is better, natural gems are lab created gems? This is a question that relates to all pieces of jewelry that are made with lab created gems, like the lab created sapphire rings. People want to know if the natural sapphire rings are better than the lab created sapphire rings. You may be shocked to learn that this is an answer that varies, not only by what you prefer, but also by the quality of the lab gems themselves. As we all know, when things are created naturally they do not all turn out the same, and this goes for lab created things as well.

Lab-Created Blue Sapphire Ring

Lab created sapphire rings can be both better and worse than natural sapphire stones. When you look at a natural sapphire stone you can usually see flaws in them. After all, they were created by nature. Sometimes the clarity of them is not as good as they can be, but then sometimes their beauty is unmatched. It just depends on the stone you find. This is something that you can seen in lab created sapphire rings as well. Just because the stones are created in a lab does not mean they all come out perfect. Just like in nature, some come out better than others. Thus, you get some gems that are amazing and some that look flawed. Most of the time, the people making the gems do not have a way of being able to tell how the gems are going to come out. Usually they have a better chance at coming out perfect, but it's still a hit or miss. Thus, you are going to have prices that vary.

Labcreated Sapphire Ring

Just like natural stones, the better the clarity and cut of the stone, the higher priced it is. If you find a natural sapphire that is perfect, it's going to cost more than one that looks less clear. This goes for lab created gems as well. If lab created sapphire white gold rings come out better than the natural ones, they can cost more money. However, if they come out the same or less, the natural ones cost more.

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